9 comments on “Rave Rit Rares

  1. The “funny” thing about Zaricotl is when I was levelling alts especially in vanilla, he was always there to slaughter me but when I took my hunter looking for him it took me days to find and tame him.

    Although I think Vultros might have killed my unsuspecting alts a few times too.

    • Zaricotl was the worst.

      You know, it’s funny how often I’ve seen Vultros since The Shattering. Of course, it’s equally disappointing because his spawn rate used to be much lower. Such is the case with 90% of the rares, I suppose.

  2. Haha, I like your inclusion of the naughty list. I would have a big list I’m sure if I started putting one together…yikes!

    Ahh Loque, what a gorgeous kitty. I so so so SO wish he could be out in mm spec. I settle on Skarr (who is also beautiful…not downing Skarr at all here), but it would be so nice to take Loque out now and then. I just don’t like playing bm. le sigh

    Oh, and ty for the entry!! =D

    • Honestly, I think so long as you KEEP the Beast Mastery spec (whether active or not), then you should be able to pop the pet. Beast Mastery really is not a popular spec and it should have more going for it than being able to activate a pet. If Warriors don’t need specific stances anymore, then Hunters shouldn’t need this either. But that is just my .02.

  3. I wonder if that was always Scarlet Interrogator’s dialogue? The pic I had for him was from vanilla so I don’t remember 😛 I’ve only seen Aeonaxx once in the wild but she was already at half health when she flew out of range =/

    • After nearly 3 full days of sitting in Deepholm, I’d be ok with just a glimpse. At least I’d have proof of existence on my server. lol

      I hadn’t seen the Interrogator until The Shattering, so I don’t know for sure.

  4. I didn’t know the scarlet interrogator said that! How funny 🙂 Thanks for sharing your rare stories 🙂 I LOOOOOVE Rare stories!

    And I’m surprised you don’t like the rares in Karazhan if you like Ressan and Bane 🙂

    • Bane and Ressan got mention because I’ve farmed the tar out of them in recent times.

      Besides, I think my love for Karazhan is WELL documented. 😉

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