12 comments on “You Are NOT Prepared….For Lag

    • It seemed to be hitting everyone last night. I wonder if something was going on in the area where some of Blizzard’s servers are located.

  1. So sorry to miss that, looked forward to it all week, but when babies have to be sat on what can you do. Maybe next weekend I’ll take the phone off the hook around 6:00pm. Just kidding … maybe!

    • Teach em WoW young!

      *hugs* No worries Tome, we do what we can when we can. I still say there’s going to be a night where I’m not even at my own raid…

  2. I again apologize for my multiple floor inspections last night. My ‘tanking’ skills are evidently lacking XD

    A fun time was still had – thanks again to Cym, Cool and Kam. Oh, and that Vache guy too ;P

  3. Now I’m a little sorry I missed it! I’m sure you guys will convince me to eventually drag the Hordey out again… I wonder if I can remember how to play ret any more.

    (also, thanks for the plug for the dungeons, JD)

    • You had a date night. Seriously, that’s pure win right there. The LAST thing I would do is try to convince anyone to pass up on that to come join us. Even if you’re both regulars. 😉

      Oh, and if Nav can dust off her Mage, you can do the same with your Ret!

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