8 comments on “An Old Fashioned Game Of Chicken

  1. At this point I’m about to chuck the whole nonsense–I spend too much time in Azeroth as it is, and need to go on a game diet. The player models in GW2 intrigues me, though, and that might be fun to mess around with.

    • Eh, I’ve eluded to it before, but GW 2 really excites me. That it’s f2p after purchase makes me happy…and now Pathfinder is also moving forward with their MMO…oi.

  2. I’m afraid to even look at info about GW2, I do not need to get involved with another game. Not to mention right now I should be working and I’m going to have to stop reading blogs and get to work. Working at home was never an issue until I got addicted to WoW blog reading, lol!

    • I haven’t reviewed GW 2 much since it went into Beta, but I might do so before I make a post about it and what appeals to me (as well as why I think it will succeed). If I do, I’ll be sure to have it in the title so you can avoid that post. 😀

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