10 comments on “Professions, And Where I Was Wrong

    • Yeah, the gathering ones can help level. However, look at Saintvache’s profs. I jacked Enchanting via the Auction House. I was out of zones so fast he never even had the chance to build up his herbalism. Sure I can pick some, but much like the quests turn green…you’re off to the next zone before you’ve gone out of the way to get your flowers.

  1. I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed in the speed at which you can level (It’s too fast). It’s almost like Blizzard is also trying to tell us that the endgame is where it’s all at. I picked up a level and a half on Sveala the other night. In four Outland dungeons.

    A week ago, Sveala picked up over a level in Blackrock Spire – admittedly we started with Upper and discovered we’d been queued with Lower, so we did the whole darned thing, but still. An entire level in one instance with three heirlooms, guild perks, and rested XP. (And one quest turnin)

    That’s just too fast!

    • You could always take those heirlooms off 😉

      Honestly, for a long time now, Outland is insanely easy to level through. Not that I mind entirely because I still loathe Hellfire Penninsula.

  2. It’s funny, but thinking about this with the various alts, the leveling of their professions almost comes with their individual journeys: for example, with the first one, Mataoka, I had no clue what I was doing at any point in time, and the JC/Mining leveling came at an awkward, sporadic pace. For the tank and priest, somewhat in line with their leveling, and the others have been back to “when I have time/through the nose” sorts of things. It is too similar to real life sometimes–few of us know exactly the career paths we should follow when we are young, and that dreaded question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” is somewhat ridiculous. I feel that now that I know a few more things about leveling a character and professions, I can keep things more in sync.

  3. My Tauren alts have mostly had their professions pre-determined to give me the complete set of professions among all of them together. My professions for my other Horde and my Alliance alts have been pretty disorganized, and mostly gathering-focused rather than crafting-focused, until just recently, when I went through and curated them. I tend to allow my professions to lie fallow until a character reaches the character level for a profession break point — 35, 50, 65, 75 — and then I grind professions until they’re caught up.

    • I’ve done a pretty good job of that with my Alliance toons on my main server. The only thing I never had was an Alchemist (though Mrs. Amateur has one at 525, so no biggie). But newer characters, if it suits the character I will pick up the profession(s)…while others I’m not even bothering.

  4. It is agonizing now that leveling’s so fast. You have to either hang around zones after you’ve out leveled them or have money to buy stuff to help you catch. I remember Sasche had to give up on tailoring in Wrath and then came back as an 85 and quickly got stacks and stacks of Frostweave and finally managed to get to 525!

    • I think that’s pretty much the way to do it, unless you can build yourself a profession levelling kit.

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