11 comments on “Shared Topic: You’re A WoW NPC

  1. That pic is kind of freaking me out. Goblins should be that big!
    Great idea though and I’d be sure to track him down too at some stage – the explorer that I am 🙂

    • In light of how the game has gone, I’d probably include some rare transmog gear in that as well now.

  2. I always knew I hated goblins, I just wasn’t sure why. Now, having had a good look at that picture, I’m pretty sure it’s because every time I fight one, I’m expecting it to take a chuck out of me.

    Those teeth are straight out of Jaws.

    • Bah, just give `em gold or make them think they’re getting a deal and you’re safe. Well, except for the ones in the Horde…

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