The 2012 – Halfpoint On The Horizon

Raise your hand if you forgot about this little challenge.  I’m betting you might have, unless you are among the participants… even then.  All kidding aside, the end of June does mark the halfway point of the challenge.  Now, admittedly, I waved the white flag in April when it looked like I was retiring.  Despite the fact I stuck around, I still haven’t taken the cause back up.  Reason being I have way too much going on to focus on banging off levels on toons.  Not to say there aren’t still Faces of the Amateur that are getting bigger every day…I’m just not keeping tabs on the total anymore.  If by some fluke I get there in the end, well it will be from coincidence rather than effort.

The others, however, are experiencing a wide range of effort and success.  For starters, Chuck from Lord of Assets is much like myself.  The difference is, his white flag is still being tied together.  He hasn’t started waving it yet.  Time will tell whether he burns it, or hoists it high alongside mine.

Karegina of Ysera’s Daughter, formerly Reluctant Raider, remains in great shape.  Heck, she could wait until Mists and take a Monk to level 37 and it’s mission accomplished.  That’s right, she’s at 1975.  She told me May slowed her down (and a visit to her blog explains part of ther eason), but getting her final class to 85, a Death Knight, helped.

Kamalia is hoping to get “mini-Kam” to 85 before the month is up.  That will put her over 1500 levels.  How the remaining five hundred (roughly) come has varied options and the impression I get from her is that it will depend on when Mists releases.  As she puts it at the halfway point, “This isn’t to say that I’m giving up on the Challenge, however, just that I won’t be too fussed if I don’t actually make it to 2012 levels by the end of the year.”

Cheetah Dave (Killthryn to the laid back raiding folks) sits at 1100 levels now, leaving about 900 to go.  He’s been the most active among those of us that started out a bit behind the 8-ball.  He’s analyzed his progress pretty thoroughly, pointing out he needs 129 levels a month to make the mark…but that he’s averaged half that so far, so he’ll have to step up if he wants to succeed.  Also, he’s become achievement hungry on Killthryn and that has taken up some of his time that would be dedicated to levelling, as has getting in some quality dungeon time with his son (and real life time with his band).

Towachi of Heal-Alt-Delete I haven’t heard too much from.  Real life kept her away from Azeroth for most of May and even now in June I don’t see her too much.  I don’t foresee her coming back after such a hiatus with nothing in mind but levelling.  Still, I won’t put the red line through her until she tells me otherwise.

I’m always impressed to see Glyph of Jai on a new alt, as she tends to level her toons pretty quickly.  She was in great shape when the challenge started and while I didn’t receive a levels update from her, I have complete faith that if she has interest in finishing the challenge that she’ll succeed easily.

Erinys over at Harpy’s Nest was rolling along pretty good through the first few months.  I think a few other items drew in her attention and her progress slowed as well.  I would hazard that just like Glyph of Jai, she’ll knock off the challenge pretty easily if she still has the desire to do so.

Nevernude fell off the blogsphere almost as quickly as I found him…or he found me, actually.  It’s disappointing to some extent.  I thought him to be another player who found a unique way to make the game a challenge for himself.  I wanted to see it play out fully.  He’s the only other participant at this stage that I’m going to cross off with the red line of defeat.

Finally, Effy is probably the most active at keeping her readers updated with her progress.  Diablo 3 completely curtailed any progress she might have had (I didn’t look too closely…might’ve gotten 2012 levels in D3 itself…heh), and a look at her most recent update suggests she lost a few levels again as she preps her account for Mists of Pandaria.  Still, 422 levels over the rest of the year could easily be achieved.  She’s a feisty bit of determination when bitten by the right bug.  It’s just a matter of whether the 2012 bug is alive or flew too close to the zapper.

So there you have it.  The group is still as diverse as it was when the Challenge started back on the first day of the year.  If you’re just stumbling upon this and think “oh, I could’ve done that!” please know that it’s never too late to join up.  Sink or swim, it really is the more the merrier.  As we reach the halfway point, though, we’re at 8 of 10 remaining, with a couple more on the outskirts…but just as many are still in a great position to complete the challenge.

5 thoughts on “The 2012 – Halfpoint On The Horizon

  1. Erinys June 19, 2012 / 8:38 am

    Sorry, I forgot all about your email. The last couple of months have been really bad and I’ve been struggling to find any enjoyment in WoW, however my little Gnome warrior has managed to spark my interest again, so hopefully I’ll get there in the end.

    • JD Kenada June 19, 2012 / 12:26 pm

      No need to apologize. Like many of the WoW-related things I do, I don’t want this to feel like a chore to you or anyone.

  2. kamalia June 19, 2012 / 12:06 pm

    Indeed, I’m hoping that we’ll see Mists before the end of the year, because that will be some relatively easy, pretty-well guaranteed levels. Mini-Kam is not quite 85 yet and I’m already over the 1500 mark due to playing around with various other alts, too.

  3. Zwingli June 19, 2012 / 5:41 pm

    What was the challenge about? I missed it. 😦


    • JD Kenada June 19, 2012 / 6:09 pm

      You didn’t miss out. If you click the picture in my sidebar it will take you to the page that outlines the details.

      The TL;DR version is to have a total of 2,012 levels combined before the end of 2012…with a few minor rules tossed in. 🙂

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