12 comments on “Posthumous: What It Really Means To Be Undead

        • The first two were actually meant to be one, as the introduction. WordPress gremlins accidentally published part one unfinished. But, good news is now that there’s a few chapters I’ve added it below the banner. 😀

    • I debated whether to introduce the Tauren this early, or to hold off. Hindsight says a bit later, but it’ll probably work out fine just the same.

  1. What are you talking about! Your story is so awesome it inspires me! Smart warriors? Surely you jest, everyone knows cows are all brawn and no brain…

    • Erm…you know I’m genuinely a Taurus, right? 😉

      Thanks for the kind words otherwise. Heh.

    • Nope, Zeeb (I think?) is further up the coast. Where the picture was taken…erm, I mean, where the battle happened…yeah, that’s it…anyway, in that spot there is a mix of the two breeds. There’s also one up on that rock that you can’t see chucking spears down. He’s the same skin as the one you thought was rare.

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