6 comments on “Playing With Fire

  1. Grats, Elcombe, you lucky dog!

    Oh, the lovely lovely flight path XP! Mini-Kam has mostly been ignoring the holidays, but I do want to get her to 85 this week, so she did the tour of the fires and got from 83 to 84 with much less headache (tho perhaps more boredom) than LFD. Because Kam2 is on a PvP server and auto-flagged anyway, I did do the enemy fires with her. My characters on PvE servers, however, skipped the enemy fires because I don’t do anything that will flag me when I’m on a PvE server.

    • Depending what’s going on, I know a tank/healer who is always happy to travel with fellow Tauren whilst kicking dungeon butt.

      • Tuesday is typically Kam1’s LFR + Archaeology night, but this week I think I’m going to LFD with Kam2 after Kam1 has finished her LFR. I’ll try to remember to ping you if you’re on tonight and later in the week. 🙂

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