8 comments on “Posthumous: In Which Our Adventure Truly Begins

    • Much thanks.

      I’m enjoying writing it a great deal. I’m quite happy that folks are enjoying reading it!

    • Again, the kind words are appreciated.

      It’s funny, I have some key points marked in the story mentally (such as knowing the beginning and the end long before I actually started writing it) as to where I want things to go. What happens in between is always up in the air (I debated doing a bit more before introducing Kheiro). As well, each chapter is written after the previous is posted. So none of this was written before Chapter Three, etc. I just pick up where the previous one left off and then write whatever comes to mind. That said, there’s a few ideas I’m looking forward to writing and think they’ll be as received as I hope.

      ‘Course that should also explain why I’ve sort of ignored the requests to publish it all at once, lol.

    • Thanks Navimie.

      It’s funny, if you had asked me to explain how the Forsaken existed and why they need healing, I couldn’t have dreamed of an explanation other than “magic” (which is pretty much our answer to anything that has no explanation in Dungeons & Dragons). Yet I wrote this chapter over the past two days and the answer was just there. I didn’t contemplate it or anything, simply wrote and that was the result.

      Reading it before I published it, it seemed reasonable (in the context of Azerothian existence) to me and I’m glad it works for yourself and others who’ve read it.

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