8 comments on “Mogolympics: Update and Clarity

  1. Oki, I has a question: do all outfits have to include suggested weapons, or just the ones that say “build an outfit around weapon type X”?

  2. Seems your hunch was right. My inbox has never seen so much action! Congrats on getting so much interest, and when it comes time to judge, you four have my deepest sympathy.
    Two questions. First, when we submit, what format would be easiest for you? Individual emails for each event with photos/ gear list, or one email with a zipped folder containing photos and… plain text files for our gear? And second, for Freestyle, should we include any additional info about our NPC (name, profession, location, etc)?
    Thanks for doing this, gets more exciting every time another new face signs up.

    • Great questions.

      Please e-mail me all the outfits in one e-mail. If you can zip, that’s fine. If not, no worries anyway. If you want to make it a Google document and just grant me access to it, that’s fine as well.

      For Freestyle, you’re absolutely welcome to do so.

      Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Hi again, I have another question. If we’re using a Worgen as “athlete”, do we have to use its fluffy state or can we use its human state?

    • If you use it in Human state, I would say that constitutes Human, rather than Worgen (which is fine if you’re not using the same Human elsewhere).

      Great question by the way. Again, the masses think of things that I wasn’t smart enough to. 😀

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