Mogolympics: Discus Details

Had several requests for a list of the shields allowed for this event and wanted to take the time to list them now.  Let’s get right to it, shall we?

  • Heat-Applied Metallic Cooking Container
  • Silver Platter
  • Scorched Shield/Grizzly Buckler/Town-In-A-Box Lid Fragment
  • Gypsy Buckler
  • War Torn Shield/Wall of the Dead/Sunscale Shield/Brutish Shield/Demonic Bulwark
  • Reaper’s Buckler/Guardian Buckler
  • Crag Buckler
  • Cadet Shield
  • Raider’s Shield/Brackwater Shield
  • Dust Bowl/Wax Catcher
  • Hunting Buckler/Archer’s Buckler
  • Gold-Plated Buckler/Peacekeeper’s Buckler
  • Bear Buckler/Rigid Buckler/Inscribed Buckler/Ceremonial Buckler
  • Seedcloud Buckler/Scaled Shield/Detective Buckler/Professor’s Sandwich Plate/Bard’s Buckler/Hobart’s Spare Hubcap
  • Blood Offering Platter/Ravager’s Shield
  • Lupine Buckler
  • Bandit Buckler/Feral Buckler
  • Shield of the Lesson
  • Wrangler’s Buckler/Scouting Buckler
  • Shield of Talrendis Point/Owl’s Disk/Sentinel Buckler/Insignia Buckler
  • Bristlebark Buckler/Forest Buckler
  • Shield of Thorsen/Black Husk Shield/Black Gold Buckler
  • Infiltrator Buckler/Superior Buckler/Gryphon Mail Buckler
  • Dervish Buckler/Robust Buckler
  • Dokebi Buckler/Emblazoned Buckler/Heart of Agmaggan
  • Resplendent Guardian/Visionary Buckler
  • Shield of Control
  • Wicked Chain Shield/Banded Shield
  • Nefarious Buckler
  • Draconian Aegis of the Legion/Intricately Runed Shield/Skullance Shield/Valorous Shield/Hawkeye’s Buckler
  • Glyphed Buckler/Modani War-Shield
  • Plague Cauldron Lid
  • Captain’s Buckler
  • Rattlecage Buckler
  • Blackskull Shield/Husk of Nerub’enkan

Any others that you wonder about, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Rest assured that while some share the skin as ones listed, they are significantly larger in size and the AMC (Azerothian Mogolympic Committee) has deemed that not all races could throw them in the discus.

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