13 comments on “An Amateur Always Pays His Debts

  1. Wooo! Grats JD! For someone who was on radio, you will be absolutely BRILLIANT, I know it! And I am all hyped up now because I’ll be live in 15 mins and I’m thinking … shit, open mic on Skype… does this mean if I fart everyone can hear it???

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      A great laugh over my breakfast Nav! I’m sure you were great. I can’t wait to hear it later in the week when it’s uploaded.

    • Indeed. I was going to keep quiet about it, but I started to figure if I didn’t say something soon, Navi was going to burst.

      Definitely looking forward to it.

    • Here’s another freebie from Inscription (that I might have already covered around here, not sure).

      Often times (even on Fenris) the Ace, Two, and Three of Rogues adds up to less money than the Rogues Deck is selling for.

      Also, keep an eye of Mage cards and decks. Don’t relist them, but complete the quest once for each item and then list those blue BoE rewards on the AH for serious coin. 😀

      Honestly, come TNB, I don’t know what I can offer because I really have made most of my tricks public knowledge. I like Auction House competition and see it as a real PvP scenario. So I’m more than happy to tell people how I make my gold. Plus, even I don’t always win. I bought a purple tailoring recipe on Fenris yesterday for 50g since it’s much more on my other servers. I thought 125g is about a tenth of what I see it for…and yet no bites. Fortunately I made a killing of Primal Fires and don’t have to worry too much about a 50g loss.

  2. Hahaha. For a second, in my twisted Horde mind, I thought Anou was going to be able to log into game and discover a bound dwarf in his boxers in some grimmy basement, to torture with delight. Then I thought to myself… That dwarf must be happy if he’s sending someone x’s and o’s. Probably not being held against his will. How disappointing. >:)

    • If you brought your Horde to the location of that photo, you might be a bit surprised…those stairs go up, rather than down. In Stormwind 😉

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