10 comments on “Starstruck? In A Way, Yes.

    • In hindsight, I think part of it is many bloggers I’ve met either from Shared Topics or comments on my blog or someone else’s…so I really have no idea how long they’ve been around or how “famous” they might be by the time I finally hear of them.

      My lack of Twitterverse/Facebook/general social media probably has a small hand in that now that I think about it further…

      • That’s so true about finding them from other people so how do you know how famous they actually are. I mean I see names from this Shared topic now that I have really no idea who they are, but sure as bells I note they have been around for a long time when i check out the links.

        I wonder what makes some stand out over others? Is it a great idea or gimmick – how do you pull people in I wonder? OK, sorry tangent building there!

  1. I agree, BA has been great for finding a lot of great people. They (inc. you) are who I converse with most of the time. I think twitter helps a lot too – it helps me keep up to date with day-to-day news. But I often miss a lot of the stuff happening there due to sleep, etc but that’s where my daily paper comes in 😛

    Great post and I always get a thrill when I receive a comment from someone old or new.

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