11 comments on “Amateur Smash!…Self

  1. Anytime. I know you’d be there for me, too. There are few things more frustrating when you have to remind yourself “I am a smart person” over and over again just to not feel like crap while playing.

  2. Honestly, JD, I have no idea how ANYONE heals. I find healing absolutely way beyond my skill set, I tried a shammy in BC, my O/S is holy on my pally and the few times I have tried healing on her, I have failed so far beyond what I could imagine. I also have tried healing on my druid – in LFR – I got so confused about all the hots – I rage quit the LFR :p and I started levelling my priest holy through dungeons and found I was just always out of mana and they would not stop, so I got yelled at about it…I am now shadow on her.

    Of all the healing – my priest was the one I picked up the best, but I still sucked at it.

    I completely understand your rage quit – but if you can heal on other toons, you will pick up the pally healing. We all have faith. Hugs for the rage though.

  3. I understand how you feel. It is frustrating feeling like you are not getting it. I know you will, it’ll just take some time!!


    • Thanks.

      Like I said, it just bugs me that my window of raid opportunity is closing in Myth, as I expect the Mists launch announcement any day now.

  4. Oh i wish I’d read this before the LBR today. Hope you’re feeling somewhat better about things although I’m not sure if you were just hiding it well today.

    • By the time you came to LBR, I was good. Part of it was in fact tired, I think. I laid down for about a half hour or so and wasn’t nearly as frustrated when I woke up.

  5. I would just like to extend my services if you ever want me to walk you through various healing things. I heal on all the classes/specs and I’m ALWAYS willign to help out. We can sit on vent and go through everything. Also, when it comes to healign with Myth. We love you and even if you aren’t doing progression raiding, we do love to do retro raids and you are always welcoem on those. 🙂

    ❤ you friend!

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