14 comments on “LBR – Where It All Began

  1. Love the before and after shots. We did breeze through the places. Cool and I are used to zooming through stuff. I actually told him to slow down a bit as it was more about the experience of raiding together, being my second one. All-in-all it was fun. Hopefully we can do some ULD some time, and maybe some achievements too.

    • I’ll be updating the raid schedule today or in the morning. I promise you won’t have to hope for too much longer. 😀

    • lol. Cool is totally a typical prot pally. Arv flies through stuff the same way. I’m so used to keeping up with him that having Cool lead the way felt perfectly normal to me.

    • The only thing that came to mind after hearing about going at a fast pace, and yes Cym and I are use to a fast pace =p, is this. Please watch the whole thing!

      Makes me think of this

  2. I can’t believe that night was back in April, seems like just the other day. I am so glad you’re still here in Azeroth with us, it would be a darker place without you.

  3. Was it that long ago?

    Oh god, I am wearing the same stuff… people are going to think I’m smelly coz I don’t change my clothes… And Ancient’s pet is STILL facing the wrong way. He’s just camera shy I think. I too am glad you’re still here 🙂 But you don’t need me to tell you that.

    • It’s almost a formality that in every group shot, something or someone is mooning the camera. (Seriously, go back and look).

      And the only reason Saintvache wasn’t in the same outfit was because I didn’t have him Prot during the picture taking process. I switched right after. Plus, you know how good your gear looks. 😉

  4. I always love to go back to Kara, especially with a great group like the LBR crowd! I’m glad you’ve stuck around and been organizing this 😀

    I didn’t get the T4 shoulders in Gruul’s, but after you left and after we did Mags, people were still up for more and so we went and did TK at my suggestion, and I got my T5 shoulders! Many thanks to Coolidge for heading that up!

    • Nice! I wondered just how much more you guys would end up doing.

      Thanks for the kind words Kamalia.

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