6 comments on “Why I’m Not Buying Mists – Part Two

  1. There is so much I want to say in response to both posts, but you know at the end…it is only something you can decide on 🙂 I am glad you will be around that little bit longer.

    If they ever create a game where I am a dragon, living on pern or something – I may consider leaving WoW for that.

    I was playing Guild Wars when my friend got me into WoW, and there were a lot of things in it were pretty awesome. I may have to do some reading about GW2 though as I know nothing about it. But it isn’t going to win me over if I can’t have dragons as pets and mounts :p LOL

    • I didn’t play the first Guild Wars at all, but I heard relatively good things about it. To my understanding, the sequel is almost an entirely different game (save for lore, races, and such).

      Like you said though, there is much to enjoy in Azeroth still -and I do. I just don’t see much in Pandaria that’s for me.

  2. Wait, they’re killing the holy trinity? Does that mean there are no healers? Because healing is what I enjoy most about WoW, so if there’s no healers in Guild Wars 2 then I’m probably not interested.

    • There’s healing still. Most healing your going to get, in theory, is from yourself. But basically, all the professions have the ability to heal others. So, let’s say you want to play a healer -you aren’t limited to three or four professions.

      It’s more that you no longer need to queue and wait for a tank, or a healer, or two dps (or larger for raid builds). It’s more like any 5 people can get the job done.

  3. Last month I had a Secret World closed beta key drop into my lap, and it totally dragged me in. Been having a blast with it during the Cata doldrums. So it’s pretty funny that every single one of your plusses about GW2 applies to TSW, in so many words!

    1. It’s a game that isn’t about end-game

    TSW is about following plotlines around the world, collecting and actually reading the lore to fill in the story, figuring out tough investigation quests, popping into persistent-server PvP for 15 minutes, filling out your talent wheel to earn cosmetic gear and try new builds. I’m looking forward to playing the other factions at some point, just to read the quest turn-in text! It’s that good. (I have a bad habit of fighting bosses twice because I read my completion pop-up before retreating to a safe respawn distance.)

    2. It’s a game that can have cross-server guilds

    Cross-dimension guilds, and you can whisper and group with anyone, even other factions.

    3. a main source of healing being you

    Everyone can add healing abilities to their build (1 point into Fists gives a healing passive that doesn’t require you to equip a fist weapon, and there’s a self-heal in one of the Misc trees). Lots of DPS trees have support functions like dispelling or applying damage reduction/healing increase buffs to your defensive target.

    4. a skill set that you can customize but is also dependent on what type of weapon your character has at the time

    You can use two weapons — want swords and magic at the same time? Want to juggle a pair of pistols AND a shotgun? Go ahead! 7 active and 7 passive ability slots can be paired with anything you want (some abilities require a specific weapon). Equip a different weapon, get different choices. However, many passive abilities don’t require a specific weapon, so you can hold on to your favorites from other builds.

    5. a game where standing there and taking damage isn’t an option.

    Standing still will kill you — solo dungeons in the second zone teach this clearly (damned A’kab!). The game does a great job of indicating upcoming mob ground attacks, and differentiating them from player spell effects.

    6. It’s about dodging.

    Using the double-tap “active dodge” ability is often required in order to get away quickly enough.

    Even on a limited budget, I’ll probably pick up GW2 at some point just because of the low cost to entry, but not until I’m tired of TSW. Interested to hear more about why GW2 is such a breath of air to you.

    • Interesting thoughts on Secret World. I’ve mildly had my finger on its pulse but not enough to draw me in yet (heck, I could say the same about Spiral Knights, to be honest). I might look at it more closely as well.

      With either game, the one thing I can hope is that they show Blizzard that WoW needs to make some subtle and not-so-subtle changes to grow with the times. Some changes are long overdue and others may or may not work in Azeroth. Time will tell.

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