20 comments on “Improving The Social Aspect

  1. I did not think of an account wide ignore, that would be a great feature that they could come out with in MoP or even a hotfix. I doubt I am the only one complaining about this though.

  2. True, but then I couldn’t have gone to the other server and wagged my finger at a jerk player. But I was sorry I did that, not because he didn’t deserve to be told off, but because I knew it wouldn’t do any good. So how do we prevent the griefing jerks in the first place? And, I put player on ignore once, and changed my mind, and it took a lot of explaining to regain the trust and friendship. I am not saying it’s a bad idea, I’m just saying as with all broad-sweeping laws, there are unintended consequences.

    • I do agree completely with what you’re saying. It’s certainly a hard balance, and the fact that you can un-ignore someone at least gives you the option to sort things out. Plus, I know people who will have that one character they’ll hop on just to be a douche in trade and I’m like “Really? Why?” If people ignored that character, he’d be ignored completely, which I think would curb part of the problem.

      But, yes, you’re right. As with anything there would need to be balance. That’s why I throw out ideas instead of working for an MMO. 🙂

      • Plus, I find when I set myself to busy or DnD, people don’t notice. They just see I’m on and want to chat. Sometimes it’s important and sometimes it isn’t. Me? I’m just too nice usually to say “bugger off.” Lol.

    • I have the invisible feature. It’s called “trial account.” 🙂

      Truth be told, it’s great for those moments you want to work on a transmog and focus solely on that.

  3. I would argue that said guildmate could be a douchecanoe outside the game as well. The anonymity just helped him upgrade from a douchecanoe to a doucheyacht.

    • Is it JD? could never be him. Granted I do yell at people but that is not typing or using vent or any other voice chat program. It is me yelling at the monitor hoping they can hear me on the other side.

      I know, it doesnt work that way but I can be hopeful right?

      • Honestly Jai, I’m surprised you don’t remember who it was.

        …and we all monitor yell on occasion. It’s like chicken soup for the gamer. Or 50 Shades of Game…really, take your pick.

        • kinda very much tired right now. and if it is who i think it is, i have erased said person from my memory. took two vicodins. woke up an hour later to someone texting needing healing advice and now i am just getting back to bed. very much tired

  4. First off, JD, the low-DPSer at least was aware of his situation. That helps. Also, I think you’ve mentioned that you don’t know much about his particular spec. (And I was able to help quite a bit, I believe, though I haven’t checked in to see if he’s had a chance to take the spec for a spin yet)

    Second, I believe* that when you put someone on ignore, LFD does not group you with them. I’m not 100% certain, but I know that once I got the same asshat dps in consecutive dungeons while leveling Gurdrid one day. I ignored him, and he was suddenly gone from my life. As a tank, it had a certain amount of Schaudenfreude.

    • I have had people I put on ignore for doing things that should not have been done and granted it made it so I did not group with that character but it does not stop you from being grouped with any other character that player has.

      I ran into that a few times, the person remembered my name and brought up their character name and I saw I had that character on ignore but not the one in the group currently so I had to ignore another name from the exact same person.

      My apologies if I am not making much sense to anyone but myself

      • This makes complete sense to me Jai. It’s a slightly more elaborate telling of one of my points, so it’s pretty clear.

    • Your point is valid, but that doesn’t make me any less disappointed in myself.

      Interesting about the LFD, if that’s true I didn’t know.

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