16 comments on “Economics 101

    • Sort of. Horde transfer to Runetotem and I can give you some. lol.

      Then again, I’m up to 1k on Tome’s server with my 9 hour old Gnome…

  1. I’m a big fan of The Undermine Journal when I’m after a hard to get item. Last time I used it was when I was looking for the Elegant robes. I also used Auctioneer for the longest time but I’ve recently been trying another called Auctionator (I think?)

    • I used Auctioneer up to Wrath and I loved it. But then they made just way too many changes to it and the things I liked most about it were either gone or just too much hassle.

      I agree TUJ is great for gear monitoring.

  2. I should have just waited, I bought that Elementium Geodes when it was 400. I never make my move at the right time. Although I did sell Armagedillo’s Tail last week for around 300, a few months back you couldn’t give that thing away, don’t know what changed.

    • Like I said, I’m genuinely shocked by the price of them on that server. Then again, there’s been a few things if I had more capital on the server I would have flipped in a heartbeat.

  3. I currently use TSM as my auction addon of choice and it’s worked great for me. I only focus on one market and that market is where I’ve made the majority of my gold from: cut gems.

    Timing plays a big factor. The release of a new raid and new tier gear, weekends, and even behavior from games outside of WoW. I made a lot of gold when Diablo 3 came out when my competition left and also when players were coming back to WoW after being done with D3.

    • I just came across TSM recently, actually. I will probably look into it after Mists launches. No point changing addons when they’re almost all going to need updating after 5.0.

  4. The Undermine Journal has a couple of nice addons that can give you an idea on an item’s sell price (one is for your server and the other is across all servers). I find it handier than having to alt tab to see if certain items are worth selling or if I should just DE/VT it.

    • It seems there are a few addons I need to become more familiar with come Mists of Pandaria. Every so often I usually tend to research the various AH addons, but as we were in a downtime I had refrained. Thanks for the insight on TUJ’s addons.

  5. Thank you very much for the insight. I think it’s the one thing I’ve never quite gotten the hang of. Even though I play in small markets, I’m hoping to increase my gold production in Mists so I can get myself the pretty JC mounts.

    • Your Blacksmithing should be able to generate a bit of gold via Enchanting Rods, and in all honesty, use your mining just to gather as much ore as you possibly can in the first month. Send it to an alt parked near the Auction House and profit profit profit.

      • Might want to scratch enchanting rods off that list. In beta they have removed all but the copper rod for enchanters so many people are dumping their stock now. You can still make gold on blacksmithing with the belt buckles and there are some crafted items that sell nicely for transmog. I would like to point out that the forums on stormspire.net have a speculation thread so you can read up on some of the changes (not to mention it’s a great resource site for gold makers and has the official TUJ and TSM forums).

        • Wow, it would seem I’m severely out of the loop then. I used to check the speculation thread over at Just My Two Copper but it went the way of the dodo in the speculation department.

          Thanks again for all the info Ishtla!

          • You’re welcome JD. Surprised you didn’t see the article at Just My Two Copper recently about the rods. Both sites are good resources though.

          • They’re firewalled at work, unlike most of my blogroll. So by the time I get online at night I’ve forgotten all about it (during the summer anyway).

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