6 comments on “Chillin’ With Ony

  1. Lol, you bring back memories with that Ony photo. The last Comic-con I attended, they had a WoW Minis booth featuring that set piece there (hmmm….could I have taken that picture? lol). The Minis were fairly new at the time and I ended up getting their exclusive Draenei mini they were giving out. But I wanted that Ony figure. And waited. And waited. And it never came out. Either they never planned to release it to the public or they just didn’t have the demand for it. Sadly, the Minis didn’t last and were cancelled after the second set. But it would have been sweet to have my own Ony; imagine all the WarFare Theatre shots I could put together with her, lol.

    • I borrowed the pic from BronzeKettle, so that would help you determine if it was yours.

      Truth be told, the plan WAS to release that Onyxia set. The MSRP was even 200 dollars if I recall correct. Possibly more.

      Aye, I know the minis were cancelled. I’ve got a good chunk of them at least, except for Jaina because she looked terrible. But many of the others were great and truth be told the game was solid in mechanics (though obviously certain builds were nasty).

      I put the blame completely on Upper Deck. They charged way too much for them, as far as a CMG goes. Even making them four packs instead of three would’ve been wiser. I kept hoping someone would pick up the license and carry on. Again, this was the same time Upper Deck lost their TCG license with Blizzard as well, so I don’t know what all went on there but it’s really too bad this was never revived.

      Having said that…I’m beginning to think MegaBloks and HeroClix dials might just work…

    • As Arv and I discussed, I don’t think it actually made it to production. I’d be impressed if there was one out there. Oh, and it wasn’t for a statue…that was for a game!

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