48 comments on “Mogolympics Countdown

  1. I sent my submission just about two weeks ago, but haven’t gotten a reply email. Should I take the note above to mean I should resend it? (It’s kinda big, what with the attachments >_>)

  2. Outfits are done (except for the Freestyle event), just have to type up the gear lists and they’ll be on their way.

    Question that hit me a few days ago: Are Pandaren fair game? Was playing around and discovered that you can work with them in WMV and the beta client. Thanks!

  3. Just clarifying, since I have pretty much everything done and screenshotted and am editing graphics… (and have to pick between way too many freestyle ideas)…

    I plan on posting my entiries on my own transmog blog once the event is over, so I’ve edited text, etc to the images. Judging from what you’ve said about judging, however, you’re keeping the entries blind so they don’t know who submitted what (am making two sets of images in case I’m right on this…) so submitted images shouldn’t have say, Faction info, or anything identifiable about what faction/submitter they are from, yes? Would adding graphical text with the item list also be a no-no? I

    And is there a limit on image size, or an approximate format/size you’d prefer?

    • Hooey, lost of questions.

      Graphical text can be ok, be it to describe the gear pieces, the event it’s for, whatever you see fit. Just keep in mind you really don’t want to cover any part of the outfit.
      Yes, the judges are going to be given the outfits without knowledge of who represents what faction (so including that would mean more work for me as I try to remove it again).

      As for image size, whatever works for you. Just so long as it isn’t a smaller size that makes the details of the outfit hard to see. The “default” size in most viewer addons or in-game screenshots is suffice. If you go larger, then that’s fine too. I tend to do a fair bit of editing before it gets into the viewing of the other judges.

      Hope that helps!

      • Excellent. I figured this would be the case, so saved “blank” versions to play with later when I remembered to comment and ask. 😉

        And yeah, not wanting to cover anything up, but then I took shots from multiple angles as well so it gives me room to play with.

        Thanks! Now to just resist the temptation to second guess myself and start all over!

        • If you figure out a way to successfully resist that temptation, please, let the rest of us know how you managed it. I’m struggling with that exact problem right now.

          • Mostly it was my freestyle, I had about five different ideas and none of them I was 100% happy with and MORE ideas happening and… yeah. I finally did eeny meeny miny mo! 😉

        • You’re welcome to send in the multiple screenshots as well. I encourage this with entries as it gives the judges a full scope where needed. Or if you think it’s warranted to show an alternate view.

  4. So excited to see everyone’s submissions!

    Good luck to you and all the judges in judging them all…and good luck to all fellow contestants! 😀

  5. Quick query, reading this it sounds like I don’t submit my Flag bearer with the rest or am I reading this wrong?

    “Yes, the judges are going to be given the outfits without knowledge of who represents what faction (so including that would mean more work for me as I try to remove it again).”

    And yes, I’ve been slacking slightly but mine will definitely be with you before the deadline.

    • Your flagbearer is to be included. I sort everything, and then pass it off to the judges. So if you did a giant picture of all the outfits together, I would separate them (perhaps that was the easiest means for sending it), if I were to use that as an example.

  6. Oh emm geee. Looks like I’ll be up in the morning to do 1 more transmog, then that leaves three for the evening. Not too bad. I am THRILLED with one, happier with others, and kind of “mhrhrhrhrrh” about others. There are just only so many ways you can dress a male night elf.

    • People used to tell me you couldn’t make a female Worgen look good either. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

      I also think everyone has one outfit they think turned out better than the rest. Sometimes that’s the way the stars align.

  7. Just submitted mine. Things have been a bit crazy here, and I was second-guessing my Archery submission until the last minute (and then there was maintenance…). I’m quite pleased with all my other outfits, though, so better to just submit it than to tear my hair out trying to redo things at the last minute 🙂

    • Archery was both my first done and last… mostly because I had a reallllllly great helm with it… and then realized Druids can’t use bows so I couldn’t use the helm. SO SAD. :/

      • I just realized…come September 25th, Hunters are the only class that can use Bows/Crossbows/Guns. For whatever reason, that escaped me until now.

        • Not only that, but our guns/bows/crossbows will display on our backs. You have no idea how excited this makes me 🙂 Makes losing our stat sticks totally worth it.

          • See, that I easily envisioned. I even knew Warriors and Rogues were losing their ranged slot…but for whatever reason it didn’t click that Hunters would be the only one to still have it.

            What a World (of Warcraft). We go from the old “Hunters roll on everything” to just one weapon. lol

  8. Quick question, are you going to be creating a page or something with all the submitted outfits in – it would be cool to compare them all for ideas…heheh ? or just the winners? is there like a bronze, silver, gold type thing happening?

    I am just curious 😀 going away now….

    • These questions and more will be answered in the coming days.

      …and don’t go away, we like you.

      • See, I thought the time spent making the outfits was hard. No, now I suspect that it will be the WAITING that will kill me! 🙂

        • Hey, you guys got a month to make the outfits, the judges get less than two weeks to go through them all. 🙂

          • I know!! I think we had the easy part! I am just torn between the “omg I love the outfits I made and want to show them off” and the “omg what if no one ELSE likes them?” inner voices.

            I have issues, I know. 😉

          • Go back and look at Mog Madness to hold you over. There was such a varying level of confidence amongst the participants and the outfits were all gorgeous.

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