4 comments on “Integrity

  1. We have lots of those cheap things around. There was someone selling the ICC mount (the horse from the box at the end) and it was reasonably cheap. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is… and those level 1 toons are so suspicious.

    • ICC mounts (and such) I think would be less alarm raising if you’re on a server that progressed through the content at the time, or simply farms it to this day with toons.

      To me, it would be more akin to the Chopper going for 5-6k. It just mathematically does not make sense…and yeah, them level one buggers are sketchy at best. >_>

  2. The first time I saw a level 1 selling the Shadowmourne mount for 60k, I was alarmed. Shortly thereafter, more than half a dozen of listings of it on the AH, for 30-45k.

    There’s been a great flare up in duplicated items since January on my server, we’ve had level ones selling lots of Vial mats for half the vendor price, so I probably would have went ahead and bought the mount, thinking it was duped; oops!

    I usually ask people to relog to their level 85 for the trade if it seems dodgy, though.

    • That’s a great approach to have, too. I’m surprised to see that much activity on one server honestly.

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