14 comments on “Twisted Going-Ons

  1. Oh, goodness. With a 10pm (for me) start time on a school night, I may not be able to listen live. But you can guarantee I’ll be listening to you later in the week as I pedal myself nowhere.

    • Aw thanks!

      I was in the same boat when Navimie was on. It started at 11pm my time and I had to be up at 4:30 the next morning. But I made up for it, as I’ve listened to it a few times now.

      Wait…that sounded kinda stalker-ish.

  2. Hey JD, what is the laid back raid tonight and how do I participate? The Laid Back Raids page here says that the next one is NEXT week but I know I saw a raid today at some point. Is it full?

    • This go around was actually the AQ dungeons on the Horde side, LAST night. Some weekends I run them on Sunday and some on Saturday (which is why I shoot to list them in advance). With my Twisted Nether interview tonight I didn’t want to have to bail on my own raid, hence it was last night. Sorry about that cuppy. 😦

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