7 comments on “Just Hangin’ Out

  1. Good job on the interview, sorry I couldn’t stay for the whole thing, it got really late, lol. I definitely paid for it at work. >< The only words I could remember on the drive to work this morning were Mogging, Looney Tunes, Bush, Boogie Nights, Transformers and Shining Force…..yeah, gonna definitely have to catch your syndicated rerun, lol.

    • Heh, it was good having you there. Yeah, it started late and I did no favours to the clock with some of my longer answers.

  2. It was a good interview. You DO have such a radio voice… LOL. Glad you had such a great start to your holiday and it was good to hear the progress on the Mogolympic entries too 🙂

    • Yeah, once upon a time you had a good chance to get at least one of them. Now, if you come out without the trio, something went wrong. lol.

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