9 comments on “Now To Remember It…

  1. I just wrote my new battlenet password down on the same postit where I wrote the new password for my battlenet email account (they are different).

    I’ve gotten notifications that the password to my battlenet email account was changed when I *didn’t* do it a couple of times recently. One was definitely a hacking, because it came from China. The other was perhaps someone who thought that they’d chosen that name for their own email account. In any case, I made my new password more complicated, with the result that I had to write it down. My new battlenet password is more complicated than the old one, too.

    • I just made the most complicated password ever, and now….I am stressing about writing down incase I forget it….but i don’t want to write it anywhere, it just feels wrong!! lol

      • I used to write my passwords down, but I’ve found my memory is pretty good. Though, this morning I did forget that I’d changed it. Heh.

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