14 comments on “That Poor Belf

  1. Your Laid Back Raids sound like so much fun! I just sent you a note with my info, so that I can whisper you once you add me,”pick me pick me!”


  2. Catwynn is in a snit and not talking to me because she missed this because of that stupid rl thingy. She’s such an achievement hunter. And no, no making outfits, making with the caculations, lol!

  3. As a newbie participant in the LBRs, I for one cannot wait to come back. Time to get a horde decked out so that I can possibly join on either ally or horde runs! JD – thanks so much for organizing. This is such a cool concept!

  4. If I could figure out time conversions I would probably be there for more of them, but I have trouble with Australian timezones let alone overseas 🙂

    Just tell me the mace didn’t drop off KT or I will be devastated!

    • Not that I recall.

      I’ll make it easy for you. Add 2 hours to the time and then if ours says PM, yours is AM. If ours says AM, yours is PM.

      • /agree with JD. When I traveled in NSW a few years back and wanted to catch up with the family on Skype that’s exactly the formula we figured out — add a day and 2 hours and swap the am/pm tag. Worked like a charm until daylight savings started (ended?) and then I’ll be wrong again.

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