10 comments on “Mogolympics Update – First Medal Winners!

  1. Ahh, Liouxpold! ❤

    Seeing him wearing that tabard, I suddenly have an urge to design Transmogrification kits themed around it… Darn, there go my plans for running Heroics tonight. I'll be fiddling around with MogIt instead 😛

    • I facepalmed after realizing Elcombe had it in his bank and I didn’t use it.

      I’ve often thought of Transmog outfits for each tabard my character(s) has (have). Alas, I apparently already have more than enough to occupy the time I don’t have. LOL.

    • I felt like a fool for not using it the first time, but didn’t want to go back and edit the picture after I had already posted. 🙂

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