8 comments on “Mogolympics Update – Scandal!

  1. What’s a *lympics without a scandal of *some* kind, anyways? 😛

    Those are both splendid outfits, and I sure wouldn’t want to get in that Orc biker dude’s way!

  2. I hope this entrant (we judges still don’t really know who’s who, we’re trying to maintain everyone’s anonymity so our scores aren’t biased in any way) realizes that we most certainly did not intend to exclude him/her from the contest. We were all horrified to learn that someone had been accidentally overlooked. 😦

    • And again I feel it important to mention that you three were not at fault in any way either, as it all goes through me first.

  3. Why I oughtta…

    I was allied with Scryers back in the day but after I bought all I wanted from the quartermaster, plus the achievement for changing faction, I end up with The Aldors 😛

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