10 comments on “Patch 5.0 -Called It

    • Yeah, I’m ok where I am on my main server and a couple others have enough for those toons. There’s one server where I can hopefully make some coin upon launch.

  1. Geez Louise, how old are you again? LOL. I’ve posted the opening cinematic but I can’t watch it until Coolidge gets up! WAKE UP!

    BTW, I hear that song every time I come to your page now. Just as well I like the song 😛

    • Yeah, it’s because the slideshow was set for Autoplay. Once I post enough that it leaves the main page it will go away.


  2. I figured it would be around that week too; not only because of GW2 but also because the new book that ties in with the event is released that week.

        • The Shattering tied in fairly well in a number of ways. But you’re right. It’s sometimes frustrating to have to go find a book to fill in a gap of something you discover in-game.

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