4 comments on “Prospering Prospector

  1. I accidentally found a big money maker yesterday when I was trying to clean out the bank. I had stacks and stacks of Elixir of Water Walking, had no idea they would sell like hotcakes!

    • Nice!

      Yeah, there’s a couple of low level potions that sell really well including that one. An Alchemist is the only profession I don’t have (I know, I know) so I’m not entirely familiar with which ones. 🙂

  2. Do you have an alchemist? If you have a transmutation master, you can send a lot of those green-quality gems to that toon and change them into Shadowspirit Diamonds or Inferno Rubies for moar profit. Transmutation master is key to the profit aspect though because if you aren’t proccing extra gems, you’re losing money.

    There’s a reason why my jewelcrafter is also my alchemist 🙂

    • I know OF an Alchemist. It’s a profession I keep meaning to assign and level, but never have.

      That said, I think these greens will be worth be worth more raw down the road when Jewelcrafters are levelling.

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