25 comments on “Reining In The Deathcharger

  1. What a steal! I paid a pretty hefty sack of gold for mine, lol. It’s a really nice mount, except if you’re already a DK =P. But if you do learn it, at least all your toons will have it now.

  2. Learn it ASAP. At that price, it’s almost without a doubt a duplicate, and Blizzard may just delete it from your inventory. And there’s zero chance they’ll give you your gold back.

        • I’ve heard of people learning the mount, riding around on it, and then logging on one day to find that it’s no longer in their mount tab. Then, when they put in a ticket, they are told it’s been removed because it was a duped item and Blizzard refuses to replace the gold they spent on the item. I have no idea if the stories are accurate… but that’s what I’ve heard. 😦 Hopefully you’ll have better luck.

          • Sounds like an understandable scenario. Really, so long as my wife gets to keep hers, I won’t mind at all.

          • I’ve been very wary of the duped mounts, but when they suddenly dropped to 20-25k on my server as well (I’ve seen vial for as low as 21k), I went ahead and bought them. Didn’t think it’s possible they get removed from my inventory though.

            I opened a ticket about duped mounts back in April, and the GM back then said there are no repercussions for buying a possibly duped mount – so I expect he’d had mentioned that it could be removed i that is the policy. I also opened one yesterday, perhaps I should edit it to ask them about that.

            In any case, congrats with the mount.

    • This. There’s a huge problem with duping Crimson Deathchargers right now. If you see one on sale for cheep you can pretty much be sure that it was duped, and since you saw the SAME GUY posting two of them it was DEFINITELY a dup. If Blizz checks it out and sees that you have a duped mount they will remove it from your account and you will not get the gold back, so it’s definitely not worth taking the risk on. I’ve seen a few of them for sale, and while it’s tempting to get one I don’t want to a) lose my gold when Blizzard takes the mount back, or b) support cheating and gold selling.

      • Also, holding on to it to sell it is probably a terrible idea, because I imagine the punishment for selling a duped item might be a lot worse than the punishment for unknowingly buying one…

        • Sadly they probably are duped and Blizz is victimizing their players by a) not admitting there is a problem and fixing the issue, and b) not refunding the players who unknowingly bought a duped item since there have been some who bought the duped epic gems, knowing they were duped, for a profit.

    • It’s basically a red bridled Death Knight mount…that anyone can ride.

      I think BoE mounts are about to become worth their money, and probably then some to a number of people because of the account-wide aspect. Before many shied away because it was only good for one toon. Now that any of your characters can use things like the Charger and the Chopper it becomes a better investment.

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