40 comments on “Mogolympics – Wrestling

  1. Man, I REALLY am not doing well in these games! 😥 Ah well, glad to lose out to so many awesome looks!

    • There’s 47 people and four judges. Heck, in this event alone an outfit received a 10 from a judge and didn’t win a medal. Actually, if I go back and look I think it happened to two in this event.

      • Yeah, at this point I’m kinda counting if I come in the final 10 as a victory, kinda like making it past the heats to the finals in the actual Olympics. Though I gotta say, my personal favorites (and the bane of my existence) are still ahead, so who knows? 🙂

        • That’s the beauty of four judges, though. Outfits that I score high might not win and ones I scored lower might come out with a medal.

          That’s why it’s just as much fun for me. 🙂

  2. Fantastic fight!! I am so enamoured of the Bronze medal mask!! I must find it and have it and keep it for my very own!!

    Grats to the winners – superb outfits as always 😀

  3. Seriously, I’m in awe. I don’t know how you guys keep coming up with these commentaries! Priceless!
    Glad to see the Aldor kick some butt after the Scyers tried to keep them down. Thanks for my medal too 😉

    • Ditto to that first half, and congrats to you and the other medalists.

      JD, I am definitely going to be asking how I did after all’s said and done, my curiosity is well riled.

      • No problemo. I’ve got the voting results for each event saved for just such an occasion. I figure in the grand scheme of things, I can tell people individually, rather than sharing that info with everyone.

  4. Another lot of great outfits and commentary although I was surprised to see some partial sets. I’m curious on the actual scores though 😛

    Grats to all the winners!

    • Some were partial, some used the “shirt of invisibility”…can’t think of the name at the moment. Unfortunately, I don’t think MogIt discerns what can and can’t be used by the system at this stage -nor does it tell you the Death Knight Girdle is only available in the DK start zone. It just shows as a green (for example).

  5. Heh. Thrown off the boat right from the start. But it was such fun to read though and some really amazing stuff to look at too.

    • It was purely random, I swear. I mean, blame the cheap shot artist!

      The only system I really used was the one eliminated was always done so by a higher score.

      • I just can’t get past the image of being thrown from a boat. My family now thinks I’m more crazy than usual since I haven’t been able to stop laughing. And it’s got the bonus of being one of the commentaries I could really enjoy since I knew my fate right away and didn’t spend the rest of the time with that knot in my stomach and nibbling nails.

  6. This Mogolympics is like cooking, I keep watching the pot waiting for it to boil and when I step away there it goes!

    The winners look wonderful, it’s always a surprise to see who made it. And genius, I should have known they’d be meeting up in Booty Bay, but wow, they didn’t even make it off the docks before the fight started!

    • Hah! My thoughts as well, Tome! I was waiting and waiting for another round…and here came one while I was sleeping. 🙂

      Awesome round this event…what a fight! And great commentary as usual!

      • I honestly planned to have it up earlier, but bathroom renos for the day took a little longer and then the post itself was causing me grief.

  7. Oof, taken out so early, and by a panda no less. That’s gonna hurt the next day… 🙂

    Congrats to the winners! That gold medal outfit is awesome. I’m tempted to pull that one together for my shammy.

    • OMG, while I was judging I was thinking that what these wrestlers needed were colorful wrestling names! I’m so glad you gave us that link!

      I put in Kashina, my main who is Resto/Boomkin, and got “El Pollo Gigante”, The Giant Chicken. So appropriate! XD

      Khizzara’s isn’t as good, it’s “Amigo Mojado”, or “Wet Friend”. I guess that’s saying she would have been thrown off the boat pronto!

  8. That feisty worgen lady made it pretty far, never trust a hairy dog-lady in spandex! hehehe

    Grats to all the winners! 😀

    and fantastic commentary yet again, I can’t even imagine how much time it must take you guys to get all of this ready. We appreciate the hard work though, VERY entertaining. 😉

    • Thanks for the kind words. For what it’s worth, I think this took me roughly three hours to write, but I was also double checking I had the correct person, that the one doing the eliminating DID have a higher score (because I’m OCD like that) and so forth.

  9. I liked the format of this entry, JD.

    Judges, again, not sure how you did it. I must say though that I had my own favorites: Kaleri’s The Exodar, Argent Crusade, and Classy’s Stormwind–Ringo’s Blizzard Boots hilarious! I just felt like saying Bonzai Mr. Miagi!

    • When the games are over there’s little interesting things I can’t wait to share with people -this event in particular. Well, I found it interesting.

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