13 comments on “Somewhere Over The (Ported) Rainbow

  1. Sorry if this is a spoiler for you, but blizzard already said the Theramore event won’t be available immediately. My guess is we will see that next week.

    • Oh, ok. Missed that actually. The last that I had heard was simply that it was a phased event. I didn’t realize it had been pushed back (sometimes by avoiding the spoilers we avoid the important stuff as well, lol).

      • They stated the event will be available (and repeatable) up till 5.1. Add to that no PTR testing and the myriad of issue we will see after the servers go live it makes sense to wait. It also will give people a chance to read the book before the event starts.

        • As I think about it, I knew there was no PTR testing and that it will be repeatable. I just hadn’t heard they were delaying it. It does makes sense, but that hasn’t necessarily stopped them in the past.

          • I think it’s a good move on their part to delay it. This will allow people time to learn their new rotations, specs, glyphs, etc before we head into the pre-launch event.

          • Very true, but depending on the curve of the event that would’ve been a solid opportunity. The pros do outweigh the cons though.

  2. Oh, I didn’t know that either. This trying to avoid everything has some downside, lol. I did another tearful goodbye to Theramore yesterday, guess I have time for a few more!

  3. We seem to have much of the same goals, while my Hunter isn’t my main she will be among the first to be logged into just to shoot some Rogues square in the face. I’ll no doubt spend a lot of time between the Auction house today selling glyphs, from the looks of things on twitter among the gold making community it’s been like glyphmass all over again with new glyphs having been added and changed. First things first though will be logging my Priest and figuring out how the hell to spec her. I’ve avoided all talent calculators and any spoilers regarding Theramore. #Excited to log in!

    • I specced Tum last night and that’s all I’ve really done aside from selling a dozen or so Glyphs. This week has just been far busier than I expected it to be, lol.

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