16 comments on “Tides of War Cover Model

    • The whole inscription profession is a bit weird right now anyways, mine went to the trainer and got about 30 new ones, including monk ones, and Glyphs of the Stag, etc, so new ones for MoP… and the ink trader is showing that the old inks require the new MoP version of Blackfallow ink…. but still take blackfallow ink for trades.

      One change that I like immensely is that they’ve consolidated all the parchments into ONE kind of paper. I got to clean something like 8 stacks of paper out of my bank yesterday.

      • Good to know they finally did that. I had stocked up pre-patch and have just been working out of my bag. I need to hit the trainer then as well to learn the new ones. I doubt I’ll have as many as she’s only 400. I knew I would still have more than enough to make a profit…though I’m surprised at the cheapness of Porcupine on my server.

      • My favorite change is my scribe that didn’t have all glyphs learned pre-mop is learning them now through northrend inscription research.

  1. I’m really trying to get the final event done before I log back in, but of course so far all I’ve done is read posts, lol, but I’m gonna I promise!

    Of course I just bought Tides of War so I have to try to not open that yet. Good luck with those hurdles!

    • Yeah, I failed to mention I’m eight chapters into that…but unlike some of the other things, I CAN do that at work. lol

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I need to pick up that book and finish it before the event comes. I also tried to learn the Glyph of Righteous Retreat (aka Bubble Hearth) but realized it needed Pandarian ink to be made. >< So I'll go with the Glyph of the Make-My-Charger-Shiny until then.

  3. You know, I was surprised to see you on with Tum at all in the past couple of days, because, well, Guild Wars 2.

    Can’t wait to see the final two Mogolympics events and the Closing Ceremonies! You judges have all done a terrific job, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

    • I didn’t actually buy Guild Wars 2. I’m still enjoying WoW and am giving the expansion a chance and what have you. Plus, I told Mrs. Amateur just to put it under the tree for Christmas. Makes her shopping ridiculously easy.

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