16 comments on “Better Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Easier

    • I can login on my old computer. But regardless of server, it lags horribly anywhere remotely close to a city.

      Of course, I’m also now having reinstall issues. *sigh*

  1. Because of the sale on WoW expansions right now ($20 for everything up to and including Cata? SOLD!) I bought them all for my husband and finally got him to start playing. He’d been resisting playing despite being quite a gamer in other ways, but now that he’s started WoW he really seems to be enjoying it. (Yay!)

    But, like you, my husband is using Linux. It has been such a pain in the ass getting WoW to work on his computer! As you experienced, after the patch my husband’s WoW worked for about a day and then suddenly the downloader just kept crashing over and over. He tried reinstalling the game, but no dice. He thought he was going to have to stop playing.

    Finally this morning there was a driver update and it’s working fine again. So check your drivers, JD!

    • According to my System Settings, they’re up to date and I’m back to the 95% issue again. It has to be something in Wine, I just don’t know what.

      • Hmm… you say you can log in but it won’t load? Have you tried uninstalling all add ons? (Obvious suggestion is obvious, but probably not helpful…)

        • Have no addons. I can even play via trial mode. But if I go to either of my paid accounts, I can login and choose a character. I hit Enter World and it quickly loads to 95% where it then does absolutely nothing.

          • Hmm, the fact that you can log onto trial accounts but not your paid accounts makes it sound like it might be a problem on Blizzard’s end, not yours. Maybe try contacting them?

          • Thought of that, except that Blizzard doesn’t formally support Linux to my understanding.

          • They don’t, but if you say that you can log onto trial accounts just fine they might still be able to do something. I mean, worst case scenario they can’t, but that leaves you in the same place you are now, so I think it’s worth a try.

          • Valid point.

            I have something else that requires more immediate attention, but if I get it done sooner than later I may just give them a call yet.

      • These problems look completely different than ones I’ve had, so I don’t know if I can be of much help. Also, the driver update Khizzara referred to might not apply. In order to get the game to work, I switched to a Xorg-Edgers repository that tries to distribute driver packages based on nightly builds instead of waiting for more formal updates to come out.

        I actually had not much trouble with the upgrade, although once updated, the Launcher stopped working, and instead thinks it needs to install another update and fails. There was a major driver update via the edgers two or three days ago that broke things, but got fixed this morning. That is kind of the risk with them, the frequent updates can break stuff as much as fixing them, and my X setup is already kind of fragile for several other reasons (one of which is my computer and video card predate WoW).

        What version of Wine are you running though? I had a lot of trouble with the default 1.4 that the distro used, but was able to install the 1.5 series easy enough. That is also something a lot easier to undo than trying to switch to the experimental driver builds. Also, I assume that you’ve tried switching WoW to using OpenGL instead of Direct3D?

        • Correct on OpenGL and other suggestions. Also, yeah, I did update Wine as 1.4 was causing my patch issues. I’m now 1.5.11

  2. Firstly that sucks.
    Secondly, omg you cussed!
    Thirdly that explains what you were talking about yesterday. Now the lightbulb has switched on.
    Hope it gets fixed soon.

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