13 comments on “Commas Confuse Me (And Other Thoughts)

  1. There was an update to WordPress today which featured the changing banner. I guess I’m used to the commas now having played the beta for so long now. Actually calling Blizz is a good idea, last time I was on the phone for an hour but it still got sorted, which is the main thing.

    • I noticed it on Dragonray’s site a few days ago actually. As we share the same template, that made me happy.

      Last time I talked to them on the phone it was a piece of cake, so that’s why I’m liking that idea. Heh.

  2. The commas are driving me nuts. As a graphic designer, they feel like an unnecessary visual interruption on the screen. Maybe it’s just me, but I could parse the numbers just fine without the commas.

    And I keep backing up on my hunter too. Then I remember that I can shoot the mob in the face and I cackle maniacally. Sadly, I haven’t been playing her as much. Switching from MM to SV due to MM needing a few buffs (as admitted by Blizz) has really thrown me for a loop, since I haven’t played SV since Wrath. Guess I’ll either get used to it or switch back to MM out of sheer stubbornness…

    • My highest Hunter (Lioux) has always been Survival, so I roll with it. Problem is my next two are Marksman and I find myself getting more accustomed to their key bindings and abilities, lol.

      • The MM rotation has a nice rhythm to it since you have to weave those two Steady Shots in to keep your Imp. Steady Shot buff up. It feels really natural to me. SV seems to have more of a priority system, and that’s where I start to get lost (despite the fact that I enjoy playing DKs, which are *the* priority system class). I’m starting to get the hang of it while doing Tol Barad dailies for the fox pet, but it’s going to take a little while longer before I feel comfortable doing any dungeons with Freyana.

        • I’m like that with most dps classes. But I think it’s because I feel if I’m not hitting the magic number in output, I’m going to hear about it. So, I just heal randoms. lol

  3. I love AOE looting but my brain isn’t catching up, I keep trying to loot the second and third mob and thinking, hey, where’s my loot … oh, forgot, lol.

    Yes, it seems there could have been another book in there on how that assistant got that job as Garrosh’s right hand man.

    Waits to see JD’s idea drop.

  4. I never even noticed the commas… They put commas in all the numbers? Huh. Maybe I haven’t noticed them because I was taught to use commas in numbers while growing up so now they look right to me where they looked wrong before?

    OMG, you scared me there for a moment with your “something in mind” for Transmog! Don’t DO that to me, JD! LOL

    • Not a snowball’s chance in hell, thank you. Seriously, if I’m going to put that much effort into something, it will be finishing the CURRENT Transmog event’s website.

      I always used a comma as well. Doesn’t mean it still doesn’t look horribly out of place to me, heh.

  5. I like the commas on things like the guild xp, or my character sheet. Like Freyana, though, I find them superfluous on the damage and healing numbers that are all over my screen. I rarely pay attention to those numbers anyways unless it’s a super ginormous crit of awesomeness number, lol.

    I also really like the flavor glyphs. I really haven’t payed much attention to the other ones, and all of my characters are horrible un-glyphed in the majors. I did make sure and glyph Fetch and Cheetah for the hunter, bubblehearth for my pally, and army of super creepy undead dudes for my dk 🙂

    • I’m not that Glyphed either yet. I recall getting Corpse Explosion immediately for my Dwarf DK, and I know which ones I want for other characters. Just a matter of getting around to it.

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