8 comments on “This Complicates Matters

  1. Would it not be possible for you to partition your hard drive and set up your computer to dual boot Linux and Windows? I’ve done this with my laptop with very little trouble and would imagine it would be possible on a desktop as well. At least that way you get the best of both.

    • It was something I considered doing. I was actually going to back up my files from this comp and just install Windows. However, I’ve since been lead to believe that my toddler may have dropped my external Hard Drive at some point.

  2. I’m sorry your computers are ill. That’s a huge bummer. At least you got through the Mogolympics first though!

    My battletag is repgrind#1492 for future reference. Now that we can use those instead of Real IDs anyone is free to add me.

    • Yeah, amen that Mogolympics finished.

      And it would seem I can’t catch a break with WoW/Windows. lol.

      Man did Guild Wars 2 look good on the shelf tonight…

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