8 comments on “Cross-Realm Makes Me Cross-Eyed

  1. Here on Arathor we’re experiencing the same thing! We’ve merged with Runetotem and a couple of others, thought we basically only see the Runetotem people. The phasing/skills spam also happens to me, and what bugs me most about this is that when I try to find a recipe in my tailoring profession, it’s listed times the of times I’ve crossed into/out of a merged zone. I also thought the better solution would be to merge the realms, but the biggest problem I see with that is that too many people would have to name-change their toons! 😦 I for one much rather feeling disgruntled by cross-realms stealing my nodes, than being livid at the prospect of renaming my toons because someone from the other realm had it before me.

    • Sorry, I was thinking faster than I was typing… I meant: “[..] others, though we basically only see the Runetotem [..]” and “[..] it’s listed times the number of times I’ve crossed [..]”

      Just to clarify! 😉

    • Hrm, the name change details are a valid point…unless Blizzard decided to include last names for PC’s.

      Also, you know my Alliance toons ARE Runetotem? Keep an eye out! 😉

  2. Good post! I’m not sure if you saw, but El from El’s Anglin’ had a great link about exploitation of the fishing tournies via cross-realms as well. I’m sure it’s an issue they can’t ignore and I hope to see a fix for it soon. Keep up the great work!

    • Sounds like the cons to this are going to outweigh the pros. Or they’re going to have to seriously reconsider how they’re doing it and what it exactly involves.

  3. It didn’t take long to see the impact of this when I was a passenger going through several zones. Talk about annoying. But some of those exploits really need to be fixed. It seems to draw more problems than anything else.

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