6 comments on “Weekend Update

  1. I was about to email and see if you were still there, luckily this post was in the mail. Yes, I spent last week madly racing around trying to get my guild to the lofty level of 5, lol. Glad GW2 cheered you up!.

  2. Oh JD, GW2 is shiny and pretty. I’ve been spending the later part of evenings playing it, and staying up way to late, lol. I hope you get all your computer troubles worked out. When you do adventure to Tyria, leave a breadcrumb trail, otherwise you might not make it back out 🙂

    And, grats to Claws! Trying to get PFfaD to lvl 10 before I want to make my MoP toons, for the cloaks of course!

    • My Hunter loves the Heirloom Cloak (Horde). Nothing else comes close for the stats. Alliance side, I have access to them and don’t even know which one(s) to get. I’ll probably sort that out soon though as I expect a new crop of Amateur members before the month is out.

      Yeah, I’m installing Guild Wars as we speak, but am smart enough NOT to login before I go to work.

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