12 comments on “In Tyria On Tuesday Morning

  1. It is VERY different, and not in a “better” way, just in a different way. There are things about that I love though, like the fact that gathering nodes are usable by EVERYONE, not just who gets there first. That you can send crafting mats directly to storage while you’re out questing. That your bank is shared by all your characters.

    OK actually that was cool until I bought a bunch more character slots, and dyes, to share amongst my characters and then had to buy more bank space….and here I was telling myself I’d SAVE money with no sub fee…. o.O

    I like that you can be in more then one guild, and I like (most) of the personal story quests, although I’m getting into a few now that are nearly impossible to solo and really I think those SHOULD be easy to solo.

    I’m finding the way levels are adjusted per zone to be both a boon and a curse as well.

    Overall, though, I’m liking it a lot more then I thought I would. My guardian and (surprisingly as I suck at being a rogue) thief and my ranger are my faves thus far.

    • My Human Necro is lvl 6…thinking Sylvari Elementalist next or Charr Engineer. I’ll round out my basic slots with a Thief and a Mesmer I think.

      You summed up the goods and bads, pros and cons really well. Now, you probably COULD have saved money with some patience 😉

      Of course, I don’t mean that as a slight either. Just that (at least) the character slots could’ve probably waited a touch. 🙂

    • I feel your pain. I used the “well, there’s no sub fee” excuse to pick up three extra character slots and some dye packs. Randomly scored a Black Dye which sold for a decent amount, woohoo!
      And sure, it’ll be a while before I can touch those alts so I could’ve waited, but wanted to stake my claim on a few names before they were snatched up.

      • Congrats on Black! I had Scarlet drop for me. Not sure whether to give it to another character, hang on to it…or actually auction it for some decent coin.

  2. GW2 seems interesting, but even if I wanted to you can’t buy a copy here. They put a hold on sales in the EU due to lack of servers.

    • I think there was a freeze on digital purchases as well (not just EU) due to the overwhelming response at launch.

      As I just got mine, if you really wanted it badly enough I suppose you could order it online (no doubt for a mint) and then sign up on a North American server. But, the game hasn’t been live but two weeks -I have faith it’ll sort out smoothly soon enough.

      • I think they enabled digital sales again this morning, at for NA, not sure about EU.
        I had issues buying straight from NCsoft – my bank apparently has had problems with them and requires voice authorization, too much hassle for me – so I went through Amazon no problem.

  3. Very excited you decided to take the plunge now versus waiting till Christmas. Question, now that you have a few levels/hours under your belt, do you see it pulling you away from Mists (or WoW in general) at all? Or will it be more, something to play with during maintainence?
    And if anyone wants to add me to your friends list, Cake.1324.

    • Thanks for that, as I couldn’t remember what your ID was.

      If you recall, I wasn’t planning on getting Mists in the first place, and someone even asked me recently “what if it came as a gift?” and I said there’s nothing in that box that I want, save for rolling a Monk. However, I still don’t want to do the 85-90 stuff or pandas.

      I have been excited about Guild Wars 2 for a very long time and I’m incredibly happy with it. I’m already working on a sister blog to this one. I know what I want to do in WoW and you can expect a future post really elaborating on this discussion. 😀

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