11 comments on “RaF Mount For Five Bucks?

    • Glad to be of help. I was in a similar position…except the friends I would invite, my wife already sent invites to!

  1. Forgive me for nit-picking for a second, but I just used RaF to recruit my husband to play, so we’ve been using RaF for the last few weeks. The XP bonus is actually 300%, (which is totally insane and awesome), and you have to be within 4 levels of each other, not 5. 🙂

  2. Oh man, I wish you had posted this sooner! Lol I just decided this is totally what I need to spend my last week of Cata doing. Now, to find a $5 chest, heck even if it is $10, still a great deal.

    • I think Amazon has them close to 10 (or one of the reputable e-bay sellers even).

      And I had actually written it during the week it was on sale, but never finished it and didn’t get an opportunity to post it until now.

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