24 comments on “The Road To Ruin Is Paved With Good Intentions

  1. Oh, I was fine! It was frustrating but I was entertained enough with seeing Draynee and chatting to Arv and other SR people (because I never see them because I’m never really on at this time). I was more feeling bad for you because I know you’d feel bad letting everyone down. Besides, I got to meet some people tonight, so I was pretty chuffed.

  2. I was hoping to get some of the achievements that Cool and I were missing but it was nice to see some of the other bloggers I’ve known for so long. But you’re right, there were a lot of issues happening today.

  3. I’m sorry to hear things got so bad after I left; though Blizzard’s technical issues aren’t your fault. Hopefully Arv can get those last few he needs though and for me I still had fun and hope my guildie and his friends (mainly his friends) behaved themselves after I left.

    • Everyone was pretty behaved. It wasn’t an issue there. Again, it was just a case of a few small stars lining up wrong and then Blizzard’s technical black hole that capped the night.

    • Yep. Also, several of us ran a spur of the moment Black Temple run that wrapped up about a half hour before the ICC one started and that was certainly enjoyed. Even saw a few achievements go off and Missus Amateur got his mask for her Druid.

  4. It’s all good JD, I guess it just wasn’t meant to happen last night, but I appreciate all you did to put the raid together. =) I’m actually more bummed that we couldn’t get your friends the 25m LK kill…after all we went through and not to get to pull LK at least once. I can extend the raid on Diz and maybe we can finish it up sometime this week when things settle down (although Jaina and crew might say otherwise…..lol)

    • I was thinking of extending it on Vache today as well. Once my blood pressure got back to normal I started to rationalize it and that was the idea I came up with. Perhaps finish it on Saturday or Sunday.

      And any time Arv. I’m always open to what people want to run and we didn’t have anything scheduled. So it was worth a try.

  5. Aside from the server crashes you experienced (and hoo boy, that seems to be quite a mess; sorry you had to deal with that), ICC was insanely buggy when my guild and I were running it on Friday. We started off with two 10-mans running on heroic, and when enough people dropped that we could make 1 10-man it wouldn’t let us merge raid IDs even though we had downed the same bosses. That forced us to continue on normal even though we were trying to get the heroic wing achievements. Trash kept resetting even after the bosses the mobs were attached to went down. Valithria Dreamwalker started when we were in the middle of Blood Queen, so we wiped BQ to reset the Dreamwalker encounter. Then it started again as we began the trash leading up to Dreamwalker, which meant trash kept multiplying to the point where we wiped (which was OK, since we needed to stop her again).

    After all of that, we decided to call it and extend the lockout. Maybe it will be less buggy after this Tuesday…

    • Yeah, as soon as you down a boss, your raid gets a unique ID. Even if you did the same bosses, you’re working off two different raid id’s. Those just can’t be merged.

      That sounds like an equally frustrating night. 😦

      • Yeah, as JD said, for some reason Blizz decided that all heroic raids get their own unique lock out and can’t be merged. So if you start heroics with one group you can’t switch to another group regardless of the number of bosses you downed. Normals are fine, you can merge normals, but not heroics. I think it’s ridiculous and have no idea why they made it that way.

        • Mur. That is ridiculous, esp. with regard to old content. Though it was pretty funny to have the raid group all standing in the same spot but be completely unable to see each other. We used a warlock portal to summon one group into the other once we switched back to normal so we didn’t have to run back out yet again, which was equally funny.

  6. It’s too bad your friend didn’t get to even attempt the last boss. But not much you can do. Was still a pretty fun night even if I was one terrible little boomchicken.

    • True. Looking to ensure at least one of us locks the instance and then we can go spank Arthas next weekend quickly 😀

  7. I had a great time JD, disconnects and all! I was secretly hoping the servers were self-destructing due to CRZ, but I’m still in shock that it was under-dwelling miscreants that were responsible! Anyhow, it was super cool getting to meet bloggy peeps, and if you extend the lockout for the LK kill, I will do my best to be there 😉

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