13 comments on “And We Shall Call Them “Kingslayer”

  1. If we have enough dps to burn Heroic LK, we could also get peeps the “Light of Dawn” title as well =)
    The only trivial thing is the Shadow Traps in Phase 1, but the rest we should be able to down quick.

  2. Took Tae to Theramore last night. Fairly short run – just the three of us, two warriors and me (mage). No deaths, though there was a close one. I got a pack of fireworks. Which led me to say:

    “I helped Jaina defend Theramore and all I got was a lousy pack of fireworks. And a t-shirt.”

    And then I checked my mail – and got a tabard! So I DID get a t-shirt!

    …meh, it was funnier last night.

    • As a stand alone “is what it is,” I think it will be just fine. As the pre-expansion activity, it comes well short of the standard Blizzard has set.

  3. What’s the required gear score for doing the scenario? (grumbles that gearscores are even used for pre-patch content. Talk about leaving new players out in the cold!)

    • Oh, I agree.

      It’s…357. Basically, you can suit up in the BoE PvP blue gear (plate wearers are Vicious Pyrium, for example) and you’re fine.

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