18 comments on “The Theramore Mop

    • Many people have shared their thoughts, but like a number of others I wanted to get mine out before I read them.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one…but at the same time would’ve almost rather have had it that way as it would have been encouraging for Blizzard.

  1. This was a disappointing end to a very lackluster expansion. I thought Blizz learned with Cata that the lore needs to be present in game and not just the books. Most groups I’ve gone in with have no clue what is happening or why we are doing what we do in the scenarios and it would have been better if they had just added a quest chain as a buildup.

  2. “…the Fall of Theramore feels like someone took a dump on my front porch.”

    Which is rather impressive since it’s an enclosed porch and they’d have to go through the house to do it. But I digress…

    Again I say, I helped Jaina defend Theramore and all I got was a lousy pack of fireworks. And a t-shirt.

    • Also well put. The thing is, we shouldn’t have to write our own stories in lore moments such as this. I can relate, having my own creative juices…but I shouldn’t have had to go out on my own and find out what’s what.

        • As I expected, though, the positive dealt directly with the mechanic and not the lore and pre-expansion event (which, again, is nonexistant).

          A valid point can be made that there is far less disappointment if you haven’t read the book. Actually there’s far less reason to be disappointed if you could give a rat’s ass about lore.

          Not saying that’s the case with Bear at ll, but just an observation that came to mind.

  3. Mechanically, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Somewhat mindless group activity without loot drama? I’m all for it. We’ll have to see if it’s any more difficult now that they doubled the health of the mobs, but I’m hoping it makes things a little more interesting. I’m also now looking forward to the level 90 scenarios.

    But I’m with you 100% on the lack of build-up/lore. If I hadn’t gone and looked up a plot summary for ‘Tides of War’, I would have no idea what was going on and why it was happening. Even just one measly lead-in quest in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, just something like “Hey, this is happening and we need YOU, brave hero, to help!” would have been sufficient to lead into the events of the scenario.

    I’m ultimately torn on whether I’m disappointed or not. I certainly enjoyed the scenario, but it wasn’t even close to the epic feel of the elemental invasion (I sadly missed the zombies of the WotLK launch). I miss having a story to tell later on, a “Yeah, I was there!” moment to share with friends and guildies. I love having the items from Operation: Gnomeregan. As someone said in the comments of a WoW Insider post, an event you can repeat later on is not an event.

    • As I said, as the scenario mechanic goes, I think this is quite sound.

      And sadly, you mentioned mindless grouping without loot drama (or really, any kind of drama) and my mind immediately wandered to Guild Wars 2. lol.

      I have no problem with Blizzard basically saying “we never said it was an event.” I have a problem with the lack of an actual event when they had almost a year to put one together as part of the expansion.

      • 100% agreed. We didn’t even get an explanation of why the pandas suddenly appeared in cities. All of that is in the pandaren starting zone, which we can’t access yet. I still think Chen Stormstout visiting the capital cities would have been cool. He could have even had a quest series where you go talk to some of the new pandaren standing around the starting zones to find out about them (if only because everyone should go see Ting, Strong of Stomach in the undead starting area, heh).

  4. Bear did initially write a positive post on it, but his post (http://thebigbearbutt.com/2012/09/18/snarky-thoughts-while-reading-tides-of-war/) yesterday/last night shows that even reading the book doesn’t help. He states that Cassie read the book and was disappointed in the scenario as well as the rest of us who haven’t read the book.

    I agree with your post though. The scenario left me feeling much the same way…as I describe in my post from yesterday (shameless plug – http://jstmel.com/momar/index.php/the-fall-of-theramore)

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