Forty Thoughts On A Friday

Saintvache, with Navimie and Cymre
  1. Despite my lack of fondness for the whole Fall of Theramore, I’d still like to take Saintvache and see it Horde side.
  2. It can’t be any worse.
  3. I’m hoping to do a post on “how I would have done it.”  If you’re going to criticize, it’s always nice to present an alternative.
  4. Speaking of Saintvache, he’s got a date with Arthas Saturday night.  8pm EST time.  Kingslayers indeed.
  5. I’m also looking forward to Sunday’s LBR on Alliance side.
  6. Farming a BoE green that has a 0.5% chance of dropping sucks.
  7. I had to explain to someone once that killing 200 of said mob will not guarantee the drop.  S/he didn’t understand the idea of individual random results vs. cumulative.
  8. I’ve got two more Posthumous chapters almost ready for publishing. 
  9. Once again, I surprise myself with where things go.
  10. Now I just need to work on the in-game version of Liam.
  11. He’s 30, after 5 levels of farming the same rare in Wetlands. 
  12. Man, do I have a plethora of hatchlings to sell.
  13. Speaking of which, anyone trying to auction cut gems at this point is just throwing away gold. 
  14. Unless someone asks for it, don’t bother.
  15. I just remembered Tome reserved a name on my Server for her Panda.
  16. That’s assuming at this point she chooses Pandaria over Tyria.
  17. And speaking of which, I forgot to tell my Mac friends that Guild Wars 2 is now available to them. 
  18. I owe Matty for that one.
  19. All Mogolympics prizes have finally been awarded.
  20. Now I just have to work on the site some more.  Thank goodness for Draynee’s help because I’ve done very little myself.
  21. This is the last weekend of WoW Cataclysm.
  22. Even those of us not buying the expansion will feel the effects from Mists.
  23. People are just frothing for pet-battles.
  24. I should’ve gathered more pets to sell.
  25. If you’re buying pets, and you’re on multiple servers…do the smart thing and compare prices.  The realm with the most money doesn’t mean you need to spend the most. 
  26. Same for mounts. 
  27. Learned this week the Choppers are considered two different mounts and can’t be shared cross-faction.  Understandable, but disappointing.
  28. I’ll be getting a Jewelcrafting Panther before I get another chopper.
  29. I determined this week Formula: Enchant Chest – Greater Stats has finished paying for itself.  It was 19k I didn’t really miss.
  30. I was hoping to be back over 200k on my one server by now.   Damn recipes.
  31. I wonder how far I’ll be able to level my Jewelcrafting when Mists goes live.  If I don’t have to go to Pandaria to train, I’ll be “all over that.”
  32. The same could be said for all my Professions, really.
  33. I’m glad the “Stay Classy” guild achievements stayed at 85 (including the Monk).  Just Pandas need to make it to 90.
  34. After Liouxpold hits 85, I have no idea who will be next.
  35. I wish VoA wasn’t server restricted.  When we have Wintergrasp, no one is interested.
  36. Just remove the Wintergrasp requirement already.
  37. Speaking of annoying…if cross-realm zones weren’t bad enough, I had the “Confection Sugar” quest in Stormwind today.
  38. That Cooking daily takes an hour at the best of times.  Having three times the people running around the city doesn’t help in the slightest.
  39. At least the powers that be were smart enough to remove the fishing tournaments until that gets sorted out in the cross-dimension nonsense.
  40. Oh well, should be dead again on Tuesday.

10 thoughts on “Forty Thoughts On A Friday

  1. Tami Baribeau (@cuppy) September 21, 2012 / 4:47 pm

    Hey JD, I would love to go to do the Lich King tomorrow night! I still haven’t done it and it’s on my bucket list before MoP! Would you have room for another? Email me at! 🙂

    • JD Kenada September 21, 2012 / 6:49 pm

      Count on it! In case you missed it, he’s the only boss left in the raid to do (just in case you were seeking a full run). Otherwise, we certainly have room!

  2. Ishtla September 21, 2012 / 5:57 pm

    Cross realm zones have been a bigger headache than needed. Rather than taking down the tournaments I would rather see CRZ taken down and fixed (partially since I still need the tourney for the salty title). I really hope they don’t screw up and make MoP zones cross realm.

    • JD Kenada September 21, 2012 / 6:50 pm

      I believe there’s been confirmation already that Pandaria will NOT be cross-realm. Honestly, servers are cutthroat enough as it is, you don’t need to start stacking them on top of one another with the new content yet as well.

      I agree with you. Blizzard needs to admit cross-realm zones were not ready to be implemented and take a step back. But they just don’t seem to do that very often.

      • Ishtla September 21, 2012 / 7:13 pm

        I wouldn’t mind so much if they allowed us to turn off CRZ or lower the amount of people in a zone. It’s bad enough getting griefed by people on your server, but now you get it from 6+ other servers.

        • JD Kenada September 21, 2012 / 7:24 pm

          You’re right. The absolute best solution would be the option to turn it off.

  3. Cymre September 21, 2012 / 10:30 pm

    Oh, I glanced at that pic and thought “oh that BE looks just like mine”… until I saw the caption and realised it was from our last raid 😛

    Profession trainers will still be in Org, etc. there aren’t any in Pandaria, just like the regular AH’s but as soon as I can get to the Vale I’ll be changing my hearth.

    “Confection Sugar” daily? sounds yummy

    • JD Kenada September 22, 2012 / 6:30 am

      It sounds yummy sure. However, you need to collect four packs of the stuff and it spawns in the inns and one or two vendors. I have yet to ever knock it off in 5 minutes or so. There’s always just too many folk doing it.

      Awesome news on the trainers. Thanks Cymre.

  4. tomeoftheancient September 22, 2012 / 5:57 am

    I’ll be in Mists when it launches, the problem is I still haven’t decided my plan of action. Probably Catwynn will get to go first. I think I’ll wait a bit for the Panda rush to settle down.

    • JD Kenada September 22, 2012 / 6:32 am

      *cheers you on*

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