10 comments on “Forty Thoughts On A Friday

    • Count on it! In case you missed it, he’s the only boss left in the raid to do (just in case you were seeking a full run). Otherwise, we certainly have room!

  1. Cross realm zones have been a bigger headache than needed. Rather than taking down the tournaments I would rather see CRZ taken down and fixed (partially since I still need the tourney for the salty title). I really hope they don’t screw up and make MoP zones cross realm.

    • I believe there’s been confirmation already that Pandaria will NOT be cross-realm. Honestly, servers are cutthroat enough as it is, you don’t need to start stacking them on top of one another with the new content yet as well.

      I agree with you. Blizzard needs to admit cross-realm zones were not ready to be implemented and take a step back. But they just don’t seem to do that very often.

      • I wouldn’t mind so much if they allowed us to turn off CRZ or lower the amount of people in a zone. It’s bad enough getting griefed by people on your server, but now you get it from 6+ other servers.

  2. Oh, I glanced at that pic and thought “oh that BE looks just like mine”… until I saw the caption and realised it was from our last raid 😛

    Profession trainers will still be in Org, etc. there aren’t any in Pandaria, just like the regular AH’s but as soon as I can get to the Vale I’ll be changing my hearth.

    “Confection Sugar” daily? sounds yummy

    • It sounds yummy sure. However, you need to collect four packs of the stuff and it spawns in the inns and one or two vendors. I have yet to ever knock it off in 5 minutes or so. There’s always just too many folk doing it.

      Awesome news on the trainers. Thanks Cymre.

  3. I’ll be in Mists when it launches, the problem is I still haven’t decided my plan of action. Probably Catwynn will get to go first. I think I’ll wait a bit for the Panda rush to settle down.

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