13 comments on “Pandas: Day One

    • Nope. More like further proof that I didn’t need the box to enjoy what it offers.

      Honestly, 85-90? No thanks anymore (at least that’s how I still feel).

        • In all honesty, it’s more…wow, I got more than I expected without having to buy the expansion. So far (and I won’t dispute what you’re saying) it’s confirming how I felt looking back on Cataclysm. I could enjoy much of the new stuff without ever having bought the expansion.

  1. Pet battles are SUPER fun!!!!! I had access to the beta, but didn’t do too much with it…until they released pet battles for testing. I am totally hooked. I have no idea when I’ll be getting around to questing. I envision this keeping me entertained for quite some time.

    • I looked on my Real ID at one point and sent out a message. If you’re 85 and not in Pandaria, what do you think of Pet Battles?

      18 (!) people sent me replies of how much fun it was.

    • Glad to hear it Tome!

      Yep, Xishuei is my Alliance Panda. I managed to capture her travel to Stormwind. Should be…interesting.

    • Me too! I’m pleasantly surprised by my appreciation of the Pandas (though I kind of would have like a Paladin).

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