12 comments on “Paramita’s Choice

    • Here I am trying to write two different characters in similar situations and all people are excited about was her attitude…lol.

      • You have written a wonderfully compelling character with a fun attitude. Of course we’re excited by it. I don’t feel there’s anything in either characters portrayal that dictates which faction they should join.

        Or are you saying Paramita will never reflect on her missing friend while Xi’Shuei would not be interested in proving the worth of Pandarens?

        • Thanks Kallixta!
          In all honesty it was said a bit tongue in cheek and the remark was not meant to be indicative of which faction they would be part of. Honestly, I was trying to push Paramita’s confidence/arrogance a bit more than I think I did. I wanted her to have a Garrosh arrogance about it, on a certain level and I was just surprised she came across simply as a more confident “not taking Garrosh’s crap” type of character. 🙂

          • While “not taking Garrosh’s crap” is only a part of her, it is so highly appealing as that is what I love. It is also an element which can be seen in her dedication and confidence. We didn’t see much of that with Xi’shei. Instead she’s a bit apologetic about what she does to a King.

            Personally, it is how I discover things about my character as I go along. I might start out pushing confidence and later discover it is more of an arrogance. Where is the dividing line, after all? Most of us will cheer at Garrosh get a well-deserved comeuppance. With a humble panda, I’d have played it for laughs.

            I’m really looking forward to seeing more of these two (and deciding to write my own when mine finish the starting zones).

          • Indeed, I think if she were as harsh with someone such as Vol’jin or Baine it might have come off completely different.

            I haven’t actually decided how (if?) to proceed with the twins. It was during the venture through the start zone Tuesday that the inspiration hit and then I just managed to pull it all off as it formed in my cranium.

            They aren’t at all like Liam in Posthumous, who from the day I started writing had a definite closure on his story. I’ve known all along how that one is going to end, it’s the road there I haven’t fully decided on.

            I guess time will tell on all fronts. Really, I’m just pretty giddy that I’m talking about characters I created with other people. 😀

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