15 comments on “Damn Sexy And I Know It

  1. Congrats on your new JC mount. Those mounts are definitely on my list to get for this expansion.

    P.S I took your advice on buying the Crimson Deathcharger. Totally worth the investment Thank you

    • You’re quite welcome. Scary thing is, since Mists has hit they’re back up at 60k-100k on my servers. Which, even at the best of times seems rather absurd.

      And yeah, I was quite proud of that. I got the blue one because a stack of River’s Heart were the cheapest of the four gems. I got a deal on it by getting the mats myself versus just buying it off the Auction House, but I know full well I overspent on it. Don’t care, had to get the first one. The other three will come slowly and with an emphasis on thrifty (though I could buy them all and be done with it now).

  2. Grats man! I haven’t even begun to wrap my head around getting one of those. This one flies though? That is too cool. I think the only thing missing is a matching mog πŸ˜‰

    • When I get all four you can count on it.

      Yeah, I kinda had no idea they flew. Don’t ask me why, I just didn’t.

    • Well, the respective blue gems will come down, save for Primordial Rubies (because the emphasis is still on red gems). After that it’s the Serpent Eyes and Living Steel for expense because you can’t change the 20k Big Kreech gets for the Orb.

      So just get him high enough to prospect those blue quality gems. πŸ˜€

    • I’ve got my Jewelcrafter who will make them for me. I need Mrs. Amateur to level her Alchemist so I can start putting the Living Steel transmute to use. Heh.

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