The Threshold Caravan

Talking a bit more about gold today and it’s something I should have hit on a week ago, or even earlier.  For many items right now, there is a threshold.  Basically your crafting materials and crafted goods.  Over about the next month or so, that threshold is going to change significantly.  But before I get into that, let’s determine just what the threshold is that I’m talking about.

Pandas and Monks.

What do I mean?  Two weeks ago, thousands of pandas and monks were created.  Recruit a Friend and Racial changes aside, about 90% were started at level one.  Many have a profession or two.  Let’s just say half for the sake of argument.  That still means thousands of toons are out there working on their professions.  Sure, some will wait…but there are plenty of new gatherers and disenchanters out there.  As such, the market is getting flooded.  Why? Because these characters are getting their points and dumping the excess (or possibly even just trying for a quick buck off them).  This is our threshold.  The median level of those new characters as it relates to their professions and what they can do with them.

No doubt on your server the price of Copper Ore and Strange Dust, for example, has been relatively cheap.  It’s probably starting to return to pre-Mists levels now or in the coming days.  If you caught it, you could have purchased a tonne and started to slowly put it back into the market for a reasonable profit.  I managed to do so, to a small degree.  It actually made me harken back to when I had three bank alt guilds.  I could have used the space again on my main server.  But the point to be made here, is as those low level materials have resumed their normal values, the next tier has dropped.  You can probably see where this is going.

The caravan is moving through the levels and materials.  As a seller, even as a buyer, you need to recognize where that caravan currently is on your Auction House.  If you catch it as it’s coming through, you’re going to get barrels of goods for an incredible price.  You don’t even have to remove it from your mailbox, it will sit there for 30 days (about the time it’ll be worth plenty more, coincidentally).  But if you do, hang on to it.  Whether you use some of it for your own skills or to profit elsewhere, or simply just hold the line, you will be rewarded.  You just need to show a little patience.

This also means, keep an eye out when you’re selling.  Items could be listed incredibly lower than usual, and you’re cutting yourself short if you list your goods at this time as well.  Take a look at other items in that range.  If Fel Iron Ore looks low, and Fel Iron Bars look low, check the price of some of the Outland Herbs.  You’ll get an idea of where things are at.  To get a better picture, check the current price on mats that come before and after that tier.  If they’re cheap as well it could just be a change in the market.  But if they’re normal, than you can tell what’s going on rather easily.

The market will fluctuate regularly, but not as diversely as it is now as a result of this leveling boom.  It’s in your financial interest to take advantage of it.

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