6 comments on “Darkside of the Toons

  1. Sorry I missed the Kara, at this point I’ve circled October 21st and am trying to make sure NOTHING gets added to that day, got my fingers crossed. And thank you! Three characters managed to make it to that Blingtron 4000 before it disappeared! Disco Party!!!

    • I had never even heard of it before. I was disappointed you had to be 80, but makes sense. I’ll know to keep an eye out on other servers.

      Kara was actually a throw together. Last night was the real LBR, as we ran TotC, OS10 (3 drakes), and Malygos in one hour!

  2. Grats again on the shield, and that’s a great outfit to go with it 😀

    I’ve gotten hung up on the MH/OH Transmogrification thing, too. I wanted to put the Devout Aurastone Hammer over my Paladin’s tanking mace, but it’s an MH weapon and her current weapon is an OH weapon…. Grrr, I wish they’d just lift that quibbling restriction already.

    • I can see not wanting a Mace over a Sword, but a 1h mace should go over a 1h mace. Shouldn’t matter main hand/off hand.

      This is the part where I resist pointing out Blizzard’s penchant for “holding back.”

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