10 comments on “The Laid Back That Was

  1. Sounds like a grand old time – wish I was tehre. Wait! I was! I didn’t recognise myself in that dreadful getup. Gosh, I should learn how to dress for a party.

  2. Gratz to the Drake winners!

    Naxx? Hopefully I can make it. I need gear out of Naxx for mog sets. Gurdrid isn’t too horrible (luckily tanking gear matches at 90); but I’d love to get moving on her sets; and Naxx has been a sticking point. Also, I’d get to be an achievement junkie, having never set foot inside. 🙂

  3. Ah LoF, very useful indeed but I find it usually pisses people off at other times, inc. me when people use it on me (for fun). Sounds like you all had a lot of fun though 🙂

    • Oh, he laughed.

      What ticked me off with LoF was when idiots in LFR would do it during Hagara. Like I said, my gag was incredibly situational and you really need to know the person you’re doing it to. But I’ve also used it properly and during THOSE instances explained to the person (standing in the fire) why.

  4. Lol, a Draynee sandwich!! We’re going to call Mr. Draynee ‘Dey’ now if that’s ok, because drayneelovesdey.blogspot.com 😀

    I must say taking lvl 90’s into Wrath content and just annihilating it all is pretty theraputic. Those were my heavy raiding days, so there was some stressful times in those raids.

    • I like laid back, but that was borderline futile. lol

      I take comfort in knowing we should be able to maintain the laid back atmosphere when I start tossing Cata raids into the mix beginning in November. >_>

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